BCSO Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA) – 32nd Session

Starting Dates: September 3, 2013 (Beaufort Class) / September 5, 2013 (Hilton Head Class)

Times: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Locations: Law Enforcement Center, 2001 Duke Street (Beaufort Class)  / TCL, Okatie Conference Room (Hilton Head Class)

Session Duration:    10 weeks 

Have you ever wanted to know what is it like being a law enforcement officer? Have you ever wondered if what you see on CSI is real? Have you ever wanted to know what your tax dollars were spent on in relation to the Sheriff’s Office? Maybe you just want to learn more strategies in protecting yourself, family and property.

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are just the person we want to attend our Citizen’s Police Academy. The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office is inviting all citizens who live or work in Beaufort County and are at least 18 years old, to attend our Citizen’s Police Academy. Since 2002 we have hosted 31 sessions of the CPA and have partnered with over twelve hundred dedicated citizens just like you. Take this opportunity to learn about your Sheriff’s Office and how to better protect yourself.

Classes run from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm in Beaufort on Tuesdays and in Okatie on Thursdays. Class participants will learn about almost all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office and will have face time with the decision and policy makers of the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office provides each member with an in-depth manual and refreshments. Some of the topics covered by CPA instructors include; Enforcement, criminal investigations, civil process, warrants, juvenile services, training, homeland security, drug enforcement, traffic enforcement, special teams, gangs, budget process and much, much more.

The CPA also provides various “hands-on” demonstrations to enhance your participation in the program. Don a pair of latex gloves and immerse yourself in the world of Crime Scene Processing with our CSI scenario. Suit up and learn the physical and legal dangers of firing your duty weapon utilizing the Shoot/Don’t Shoot exercises in our “Walk in Our Shoes” scenarios. Find out why if you drink and drive we’ll provide the chaser in our D.U.I. Fatal Vision scenarios. All of these exercises although extremely entertaining are designed to give you a snapshot of what law enforcement around the country is faced with every day.

We will conclude our sessions with a highly interactive chat session with Sheriff P.J. Tanner. Also included in the program is a “Citizen Ride-Along,” a field trip to the Emergency Management Center and a fieldtrip to our range facility were we will showcase some of our specialized equipment and our S.W.A.T. and K-9 teams. Once you have completed the program you and your guest are invited to take to making Beaufort County a better place to live. This is the perfect time of year to attend, so stop putting it off and come join the CPA Family. Applications for the Citizen’s Police Academy are available at the Sheriff’s Office or on our website; www.bcso.net. To have an application mailed to you please contact Captain T.W. Smith at 255-3292.

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